朱丽亚音乐学院 in New York City is one of the world’s leading institutions for performing arts education. 这次合作是北安格利亚最独特和特别的合作之一, allowing our children access to the skill and experience of world-leading performing arts delivered by our outstanding teachers. The programme is designed to educate all students—those with career aspirations both in 及以后 the arts. AG8电玩所有的学生都受益于舞蹈的魔力, 戏剧 and music and those with existing passions will have their eyes opened by incredible world-leading teaching methods.

Our exclusive collaboration offers unparalleled opportunities to learn new skills – from building confidence and an ability to unlock self-expression, right through to an immersion in – and appreciation for – different cultures. We know how important the performing arts are to your child's development, because creativity is a key that can unlock the imagination and significantly transform your child's education across every subject.

We also provide students with the chance to participate in the Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard programmes in Switzerland, China and the USA; immersive experiences where students explore music, dance and 戏剧 in depth and form lasting relationships with others passionate about the arts from across the world. Unique programmes designed by 朱丽亚音乐学院 and taught by their teachers offer students an inspiring and fun-filled experience, 在学期和假期.

Our teachers enjoy the benefits of being trained by world-leading performing arts educators, with each school having designated Juilliard Curriculum Specialists assigned to work with them. This active community encourages collaboration and professional development through frequent communication and school visits.

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Creativity and thinking outside the box lead to great discoveries that impact our world in amazing ways. 在北安格利亚,AG8电玩的目标是培养伟大的思想家和创新者, and our collaboration with 麻省理工学院 offers your child an introduction to interdisciplinary STEAM learning. We believe this provides a lifelong foundation for curiosity and real-world problem solving.

虽然经常分开授课, 科学, 技术, 工程, 艺术和数学的结合可以成为强大的工具. 你的孩子会喜欢被欺骗的挑战, and the thrill of working together with fellow students to tackle the same problems 麻省理工学院 professors and researchers are working on today. 例如, thousands of Nord Anglia students from around the world worked together to develop filtration devices to be used on Mars after being challenged by Dr Jeff Hoffman, former astronaut and Deputy Principal Investigator of the MOXIE mission onboard the Mars Perseverance Rover! 每年, AG8电玩的STEAM学生表现出了天生的好奇心, 通过与麻省理工学院的合作受到了伟大思想的启发, 能产生令人惊叹的结果吗.

Our approach to STEAM learning also helps children explore multifaceted challenges through university-inspired learning and hands-on activities. AG8电玩为学生提供了拥抱合作和创造力的空间, and to develop the skills they will need to thrive in our fast-changing world.

Nord Anglia teachers receive hands-on training at 麻省理工学院 from renowned and influential researchers and academics. These workshops are with leading engineers and scientists on fascinating subjects, 从气候变化到生物工程, 太空探索, 及以后.

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AG8电玩希望世界各地的儿童都能被赋予能力,有所作为, 无论是在当地社区还是在全球范围内. Our partnership with 联合国儿童基金会 helps us do this by developing challenges and learning materials based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that allow them to think practically about how to effect real change. These materials are then made available to teachers and students all over the world, 和AG8电玩的学校一样.

These SDGs form the basis of our Social Impact Programme and our annual Global Challenge. 这是一个机会,AG8电玩的学生参与项目,如回收, making positive change in the local community – even learning how to turn plants into biofuel. We also use activities surrounding World Children’s Day to educate our students about their rights, 如何保护它们, 以及如何为那些可能没有发言权的人辩护.

给那些对政策方面的改变感兴趣的学生, 联合国儿童基金会 gives them the opportunity to meet and interact with UN and government leaders at the UN High-Level Political Platform (HLPF). 参加的学生大使可以参加研讨会和工作坊, as well as getting the unique chance to speak at the UN’s headquarters in New York.

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